Time for work. Are you grabbing your clothes from the dry-cleaning bags you picked up over the weekend or straight from the dryer?
Dry Cleaners
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The girls-only weekend trip has finally arrived. Are you in the driver’s seat or in charge of the playlist?

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Date night is here and you’re breaking out that new outfit. Is it a fitted LBD or skinny jeans with a cute top and to-die-for new heels?

Skinny Jeans
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The only thing you love more than love is freedom. You know that you only live once, but if you do it right, that’s all you need. You’re creative, insightful, and can turn a thought into reality. You were born to innovate and push culture forward. You don’t mind the backseat on a road trip, because that’s where you can get a lot of work done.


You’re intelligent, stylish, and on-point. Your clothes are sharp and your car is chic. Every detail matters to you, and it should, because you’re a boss and you were born to make a difference. You fit the leadership shoes naturally, but you know how to enjoy the passenger side, as long as the music is good.


You’re strong, dependable, and sometimes unpredictable, and that’s your magic. From the career you chose to the hobbies you love, there’s something intriguing about you that draws people in. You are smart, brave and bold. You were born to unite. Whether you’re the driver for road trips or pointing out a hot shoe sale, the group chat wouldn’t be the same without you.

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